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Sellers GuideOne of the first and most important steps in selling a real estate property of any kind (residential, commercial or industrial) is to accurately assess the current fair market value of the property. Even though as the owner of a property you may decide to ask more than the current fair market value, it is still very important that you know the current fair market value of your property.

Here at MASTER ASSOCIATES we will be happy to provide you, at no cost or obligation, with a careful, accurate assessment of the current fair market value of your property. This is done by carefully comparing your property, detail by detail, with other similar properties that have recently sold in your immediate geographical area. We use not only MLS sales but we also have access to all sales for which a deed has been filed, whether or not the sale was generated by the MLS system or the property was sold privately. This is extremely important because in determining the fair market value of a particular property, it is important to carefully examine ALL sales, whether they sold through MLS or privately.



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